Anonymous: I Just Wanted to Say Your straight up gorgeous and I Love Your blog ♥️

Thank you!

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Anonymous: Heya, I was wondering if you could give me some advice?? I want to break up with my boyfriend of almost two years because I'm just not attracted to him anymore and our sex life sucks, but I don't know how/when to do it ):

Uhhh I don’t know what to tell you… It’s a pretty sucky thing to do to break up over sex, every relationship goes through boring periods. You will never find a long lasting relationship if you give up that quickly especially after two years.

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Anonymous: If you were to get pregnant right now would you keep it or decide for abortion?

I would keep it of course, I would never get an abortion. Plus I loooove babies

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ariella202: Most girls are such haters it's sad, in regards to that subtweet about only girls liking your pics. I mean it makes sense cause you post about beauty so mostly girls follow. And I actually think when girls like pics instead of guys that means you're really pretty cause most girls are haters so if they actually like your pics you're doing something right lol. You're fab 💋

Well thank you! I think it’s really funny because that’s happened to me sooo many times, I remember years ago this girl that hated me made a Facebook post about how “you can’t expect a guy to actually like you when your hairs fake, eyelashes, bleach blonde, fake nails etc and are all fake that you shouldn’t be surprised when guys only like you for that” but I always noticed it’s always about guys they are worried about😂 like maybe if those girls spent a little more time on themselves they wouldn’t care about shit like that yah know? And I remember I always liked their statues or whatever just to be a bitch or comment and be like OMG sooo true❤️ and they wouldn’t expect that and just be silent. But look at me I have a bf who loves me with or without makeup, goes to sephora with me like 3x a week, watches me get faked up everyday;) you just gotta do what makes you happy and the right people will be attracted to your positivity.

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