Anonymous: If I get 30s how many grams do you think o should get? I was thinking 260 but idk if that's tooooooo much!

The longer the hair the less of the actual hair you get because the length takes up weight, whenever you order super long hair especially from eBay you should get at least 2-3 packets, 3-4 if you have shorter hair so you can get natural results and you can layer them so you don’t have a mullet! Like if I was going to order myself 30” extensions I would get two packs of 30”, one pack of 26”, that way I can have the length and thickness of the 30” and then layer the 26” so it looks as natural as 30” extensions can get haha, if you have longer hair you can pull off really long extensions easier because it will just blend in with your hair, it’s a bit harder if your hair is around shoulder length because the extensions are easily noticeable :/

9:55 am  •  17 October 2014  •  3 notes